B&W settings for contrasty images – Fuji x100s

enjoy shooting black and white a lot. As for many of us out there, rich blacks, glowing lights, contrasty, textured monochrome images resonate deeply in my imagination, leaving me with the desire to reproduce that same look.

As a beginner photographer, I spend a considerable amount of time familiarizing with my camera, learning and testing out the basics of exposure and composition. So, as part of this learning process I’ve been hunting down the “perfect” b&w settings combination on the net. My Fuji x100s has a built in monochrome filter that many fuji users love. I must say I’m not that fond of it. IMHO it is too dull, lacking that contrast I am looking for. I’ve used a red filter up to know, but still, I am unhappy with the jpegs that I’m getting. Yesterday, I browsed for suggestions on types of B&W set ups to achieve that look, and this is my first attempt at putting together the opinions I’ve found and my personal taste:

  • Yellow filter, rather than red
  • Dynamic Range set to 100%
  • +2 Highlights
  • +2 Shadows
  • +2 Sharpness
  • -2 Noise Reduction
  • 2000 ISO for a touch of grain

I used this set up for the pictures above, just some trial shots. I kind of like them but I am pretty sure I can achieve a better look, so stay tuned for updates!

Here’s some of the blogs, forums and websites I used as sources, in no particular order:






That’s all folks! Thanks for dropping by and keep shooting!

DISCLAIMER:  Keep in mind that, aside from not being a native English speaker,  I am an 1) amateur and 2) beginner photographer. As such I am inherently ignorant. Please consider this when judging what I post ;). Also, I am aware of the fact that the great majority of photographers think shooting RAW + post-processing is the ultimate workflow. I’m definitely willing to explore that kind of stuff, no limits should be imposed to the creative process, or, at least, that’s how I see it. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a professional software atm, so I’m simply trying to make the most of what I already own, i.e. a digital camera and its settings, yay! I know there’s a free photo editor, Gimp, which I plan on getting and “mastering” asap.

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