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Old Roll

I recently had an old roll developed, a Kodak 400 CN I bought in Cambodia for a couple of dollars. Aside from the fact that the film had expired well before I got it, I also decided to scan it myself by means of an extra luxurious device named “Silvercrest one button scan,” a very much anticipated present from my boyfriend which yields high quality 5 mega pixels scans…a jewel. So here’s the end product, have fun 😉

Venice expired2017-08-21_2 (2)2017-08-21_3



DSCF9146DSCF9147DSCF9167DSCF9170DSCF9171 Continue reading “Neighborhood”

Venice Biennale #5 Restlessness

Russian pavilion 1Russian pavilion 2

Venice Biennale #4 Textures


Venice Biennale #3 Lights Shadows and Reflections

Venice Biennale #2


Australians #3

Sustainable Living Festival – Lock the Gate Alliance – Melbourne 2014

Sunday in Phnom Penh

olympic stadium 1 fixed


Blast from the past: a shot from my first roll of film ever – Melbourne Jan 2014

David and Goliath

Ok, not a great pic, technically speaking, but I really wanted to share also this part of my experience abroad. I’ve kind of been a brave kid since I was little, and when I bought my Fuji x100s I felt as I also got some extra Robert Capa’s attitude along with this tiny 35mm. So here I am, in the front line of public protests in Phnom Penh, 2014, living the dream of being a reporter and getting all the focus and exposure wrong 😉 I had a lot of fun though, and learnt tons, so I guess it was a valuable experience anyway. Looking forward to being there again.

I even wrote a short article at that time, hope you enjoy the shots as well 🙂


“THE STICK AND THE CARROT – In January 2014 Cambodian workers raised their voices to call for a change of the exploitative labor regime they are subjected to, especially in the garment sector. When security forces responded with indiscriminated violence, cracking down on peaceful demonstrations, the situation turned into chaos. Continue reading “David and Goliath”


Night Beauty

Night Beauty

Rest Break

shift break